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The District of Koraput derives its name from its headquarters, the present town of koraput. In ancient times, when the Nalas were ruling over this tract, pushkari, the modern Umerkote was the capital city. In the medieval period, Nandapur developed as the capital under the Silavamsi kings and sometimes under the kings of the Solar dynasty. Virvikram, Deo of the Solar dynasty shifted his headquarters to Jeypore about the middle of the 17 century and this town prospered as the capital. Koraput was chosen by the British in 1870 for better health prospects. The origin of the name of koraput is obscure. There are several theories, none of which is convincing. According to Mr.R.C.S.Belll, the first District Magistrate and Collector,koraput, the name of the town is “Kora–putti” or “the hamlet of the nuxvomica” and it is derived presumably from a tree or trees that must at one time have been prominent near the site. But to–day not a single tree of nux–vomica is found near about the town of koraput and so the assumption of Mr. Bell is open to question.

The whole of the district of koraput comprises the ex–zamindaries of Jeypore and kashipur. Vinayak Deo, the founder of the present Jeypore Raj family, inherited the kingdom of the Silvamsis by the middle of the 15th century A.D. The capital of the kingdom,however, lost its independences in 1571 when it became feudatory of the Qutub shahis of Golkonda and the Nandapur kings started paying annual tribute to the Sultans. During the time of Balaram Deo III ( 1711–1713) large number of Zamindars and feudatories seceded from the Jeypore kingdom with the help of the Marathas. Vikram Deo I, the then ruler, held back those territories in lieu of an annual rent of Rs 40,000/– of which no more than three–fourths was ever paid. It was during the rule of Vikram Deo II that the capital of kingdom was finally transferred to Jeypore, the Princely State under the Maharaja Vikram Dev of Jeypore. Maharaja of Jeypore played a crucial role along with Maharaja Krushna Chandra Gajapati of paralakhemundi in the freedom struggle as well as in the process of unification of Odisha.On 1.4.1936, the erstwhile District of koraput came into being Mr.R.C.S.Bell was the first District Magistrate and Collector, Koraput. On 1.10.1992, the District of koraput was divided into four Districts–present koraput,Rayagada, Malkangiri and Nowarangpur.

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The tribal museum behind the Jagannath Temple Koraput with collections of mines, costumes hand woven clothes, musical instruments, caters to and educates the tourists about the culture and heritage of the tribals.


Balda Cave situated 66 Kms away from Koraput. Surrounding with natural beauty. The top of the mountain plateau is flat one. 05 nos of football matches can be played at a time. The Jalaput reservoir from this plateau is enchanting one.


Raja Cave & Balmiki Ashram in other name know as Kapat Parbat. It is believed the ancestor of Balmiki reside in this site situated on the bank of river Machakund and the river dividing border of Odisha & Andra Pradesh.


A festival of festivals PARAB – an annual tribal festival organized by the District Council of Culture, Koraput is a gala event of the state, organized in the month of November every year all over the district. The whole month of parab witnesses events on sports culture, seminar mountain trekking, boat race and artists camp.


03 Kms away from the Duduma water fall, a small village called Onukadelli drawn the attraction of foreign tourists to its weekly market day on Thursday where the Neolithic tribe Bonda come from inaccessible forest for better purposes.


The ancient capital of Jeypore Kingdom Nandapur is famous for the presence of Batrisa Sinhasana. It is a 32 step well preserved relic linked with the fabled throne of Vikramaditya. The arresting red image as a six-feet Ganesha and the shrine of Bhairavnath and other monuments of great antiquity.


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